High accuracy and precision of CMES 3D vision technology and the robot guidance solution
minimizes product damage that can occur during robot transit. Simplified process setting from
the automatic teaching function enables manufacturing efficiency to be maximized.

Wafer (un)loading application & alignment

· Wafer Loading/Unloading Application: 3D Vision recognizes
the wafer cassette carrier for delivering robot pass generated with automatic teaching to wafer transfer robot and for robot to carry out wafer loading/unloading.

· Alignment: If the position changes in the wafer cassette carrier, 3D Vision recognizes the cassette position and automatically adjusts the robot path.




· Simplified process setting with
  automatic teaching instead of using
  manual teaching
· Accuracy in position adjustment

Cutting & welding guidance

· Refrigerator Coolant Injection Pipe Cutting Guidance:

It is an application that uses 3D vision to accurately recognize the coupler shape attached to the coolant inlet in order to guide the welding robot position.

· Welding Guidance: It is an application that uses 3D vision to shoot the compressor pipe welding position on the refrigerator so that the robot can easily carry out welding.


Home appliance 



· Accurate recognition of 3D shape and
  position for coupler and pipe welding part
· Recognition of various sizes of welding
  parts and positions for application on
  small quantity and batch production line
· Compatibility with different kinds of
  industrial-use and collaborative robot

AGV /AMR (6 axis position adjustment )

CMES AGV/AMR six-axis adjustment solution inputs 3D vision into AGV/AMR to carry out accurate work by considering AGV/AMR position error and adjusting the position.




· Solution with price competitiveness
· Simple process setting without using
  a PC by applying a smart sensor
· Shortened cycle time by skipping
  communication time

Bin picking (Mobile phone)

It is an application equipped with the CMES bin picking solution applied with AI to accurately recognize an object in the bin and generate a robot path and gripping point and insert into a certain position in the finished goods box.


Mobile phone


· Accurate recognition of different kinds
 of components using Deep Learning

· Set-up of multi gripping point
· Compatibility with different kinds of
 industrial-use and collaborative robot


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