CMES' 3D vision technology and robot guidance solutions enable robots to work on a variety of objects with accurate welding positioning. Improved safety improves the working environment and expands the range of welding operations to improve production efficiency.

Welding guidance

It is an application that uses the 3D Vision Solution to accurately recognize the welding target and generates and adjusts the path so that the robot gripper can carry out  welding.




· Generation of optimal path with
  differentiated algorithms

· Process setting with one-time teaching
  no need to teach for each target
· Compatibility with different kinds of
  industrial-use and collaborative robots

Loading objects onto

an irregularly shaped pallet 

It is used in vehicle panel or part loading and purging process. 
Robot automation can be achieved by applying CMES 3D Vision System to the process where automation is difficult due to different shape and position change of the pallet.
It is an application for 3D Vision System to recognize pallet and product loading position and carry out automatic purging and sequential palletizing.




· Accurate recognition of pallet position
  and target loading position

· Recognition of front bar position
  and closing point

· Flexible production line in the small
  quantity batch production system

· Compatibility with different kinds of
  industrial-use and collaborative robots

Screw fastening 
& part assembling guidance

3D Vision System inspects screw tightening position on the target object every time to deliver the accurate tightening position to the robot in order to achieve a complete level of robot automation.


Part assembly


· Generation of the optimal path,
  which has overcome problems in
  the previous 2D system
· Recognition of different screw hole
  sizes and screw tightening positions
  using 3D Vision
· Compatibility with different kinds of
  industrial-use and collaborative robots

Bin picking (Firebrick)

It is an application that allows the 3D Vision Solution to accurately recognize the shape of heavy firebricks and move the product to the optimal position in the pallet without causing damage to the product, taking the weight into consideration.


Refactory brick


· Undergoing approval of and application
  for production lines

· Recognition of various shapes of firebrick

· Accurate recognition of the position of
  firebrick in three dimensions to generate 
  the picking point
· Compatibility with different kinds of
  industrial-use and collaborative robots


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